The price of our firewood does vary from year to year.

Please give us a call on 9331 5635 for the current price.

Yes. Our small truck and ute will fit down a lane or drive. Please advise us when you place your order. Sometimes it is necessary for us to charge a special vehicle request fee.

Yes. All wood supplied is fully seasoned, dry and ready to burn.

Our regular firewood pieces are split to approximately the size of a large shoe box.

The Pizza Oven double split pieces are smaller and will more easily fit into a Coonara or small Victorian fireplace.

Sorry there are no yard pick ups.

Our drivers do not stack the wood. It is tipped where specified by you (usually in the driveway or on your naturestrip).

Our kindling comes in 5kg bags and is dried hardwood.

Our Pizza Oven Wood is the same length as our normal firewood, but it has been double split (in half).

It is perfect for commercial or domestic use.